<body> Heaton Construction of Roanoke Rapids NC, has worked with a wide range of budgets including smaller projects, and much larger projects of up to $20 million. In addition to residential construction, commercial construction, and industrial construction, we are also experienced with unique projects. These include historical restoration, high technology, green buildings, airports, fire training facilities, and parks and recreation. One thing that set us apart from other construction companies is our ability to go to projects on remote locations, whether by air, land, or water, our quick response system allows us to use our fleet of company vehicles (airplanes, ATV, boat) and get to our clients faster. In addition, we partake in joint venturing and partnering with land owners. Some examples of these include 100-acre shopping land properties, and project development for both residential and commercial subdivisions. Unclassified and Unlimited Licenses (NC, VA, SC) Heavy Highway, Building, and Public Utility (NC) </body>